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We offer a complete line of Water Coolers, Drinking Water Fountains, and Bottle Fillling Stations for OASIS , ELKAY, SUNROC, HAWS, EBCO and HALSEY TAYLOR as well as their Repair Parts and Accessories.

Water Coolers - Drinking Fountains are our specialty - not a sideline ! The BEST SERVICE and the LOWEST PRICES

Water Coolers - Drinking Water Fountains - Pressure, Electric, ADA, Handicapped, Barrier Free, Bottled, Bottleless, POU, Point of Use, Wall Mounted, Free Standing, Repair Parts, Bottle Fillers and Bottle Filling Stations for Commercial, Home, Office, Schools, Parks, Outside use.

Haws Corporation and Bradley Corporation - Emergency Equipment, Eye Washes, Face Washes, Drench Showers, and Repair Parts

Eemax Tankless Electric Water Heaters, Heater Elements and Repair Parts

Oasis D-165HG Dehumidiers for home, office, commercial and residential use.

PRO-FLO - Regulator Cartridges, Push Button Bubblers and Glass Fillers for Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains

The Pro-Flo™ Regulator cartridges , drinking fountain parts such as drinking fountain bubblers, projector bubbler heads, self-contained cartridges, cartridge regulators/holders, fountain glass fillers and point-of-use faucets used by water cooler and drinking fountain manufacturers around the world.

Contact Us: 3316 Conti Street New Orleans, La 70119 Phone (504) 822-4886, Fax (866) 402-6893
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