PRO FLO PRODUCTS by Tomlinson Industries - Bubblers - Cartridges

PRO-FLO - Push Button Bubblers, Regulator Cartridges, and Glass Fillers for Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains

The Pro-Flo™ product line consists of high-quality, lead-free brass and stainless steel water dispensing components for the OEM market. These include drinking fountain parts such as drinking fountain bubblers, projector bubbler heads, self-contained cartridges, cartridge regulators/holders, fountain glass fillers and point-of-use faucets used by water cooler and drinking fountain manufacturers around the world.

Founded in 1911, Tomlinson® Industries is the world's leading manufacturer of No-Drip® faucets and fittings for beverage and liquid dispensing and commercial foodservice equipment. Tomlinson products are represented and distributed around the world. They can be found in virtually any commercial foodservice operation, from lobby kiosks, coffee shops, c-stores and supermarkets to full-service restaurants and cafeterias.

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